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Montana Asbestos Professionals

Kirby Environmental specializes in all residential and commercial asbestos services including inspections, abatement, transportation and disposal of: vermiculite, vinyl asbestos tile, mastic, linoleum, vinyl sheeting, transite piping, transite siding, transite roofing, shingles, duct work, stucco, texturecoat, drywall, acoustic ceiling, popcorn ceiling, plaster, fireproofing, pipe covering, etc.

Residential asbestos concerns are similar throughout the country.  Whether it be vermiculite insulation in the attic, tile or vinyl flooring in the kitchen, asbestos insulation on the heating system or popcorn ceiling, Kirby Environmental works with home owners and contractors.  Our goal is to identify, manage or remove the asbestos in the least burdensome manner with attention to your unique situation.

It is required by the EPA to have an asbestos inspection by a trained and accredited Asbestos Inspector before renovation, demolition, planned burns or relocation of a commercial building or facilityFurther it is required asbestos work be performed by accredited personnel (Inspector, Project Designer, Contractor/Supervisor, Management Planner).  In Montana the MDEQ  Montana Asbestos Control Program, is in charge of asbestos.  Our accredited asbestos personnel  live and work in Northwest Montana giving them a good understanding of Libby amphibole, CERCLA (superfund) nuances, and living with the Libby vermiculite mind, operated at one time by W.R. Grace.

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Partial list of past clients:

    Amtrak        Glacier National Park        Flathead County        City of Libby        Town of Eureka

    Town of Rexford        City of Whitefish        Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks        Xanterra

    United States Army Corps of Engineers        Montana Department of Transportation

    Cenex Zip Trip        Archdiocese of Helena        Good Samaritan Society        Flathead Industries

    Glacier Bank        Whitefish Credit Union        Chapel of Praise        First Presbyterian Church

Flathead Schools        Columbia Falls Schools        Somers Schools        Stillwater Christian School

    Kootenai Valley Christian School        EMSL        Libby Dam        River Church
    Kalispell Regional Medical Center        Libby Care        Eureka Prompt Care        Achievements

    Libby Public Schools        CARD (Center for Asbestos Related Diseases)        St. Matthews Catholic Church

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